Gisela Carlucci| Photography
About me...

I am a Hampton Roads Photographer, living in Norfolk and originally from Brazil. 
My passion in life is to encourage women to embrace their inner and outer beauty. I am proud to say that I see beauty in every unique individual!

Boudoir experience...
My fine art photography studio located in Norfolk is dedicated to giving women an amazing experience with a glamorous makeover and a luxurious photo shoot. 
I specialize in beauty and boudoir photos for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.  I love making every woman feel beautiful and empowered.
Relax and forget about the busy world for a few hours! Unwind in the makeup chair, enjoying a glass of wine and start to feel like a Diva! 
We focus on our amazing Make-Over to give you that cover-girl look and with clever posing, lighting and re-touching every girl can look model perfect.

Confidence boost…
Our photo sessions are more than being in front of the camera, it’s a chance to abandon all self-doubt and embrace what you truly are. Which is beautiful! We’re just the experts that capture it all for you!

All Boudoir sessions include: 
One on one personal session planning. 
On-site professional hair and make-up application including lashes.
​Private dressing room.
Professional posing and expression coaching.
Professional retouching of final images- skin retouching – blemish /skin smoothing.
In-person reveal and ordering session.

What to bring…
This is entirely up to you! Bring as much or little as you like…but for a little guidance, we have put together,  providing you with hints and tips on what to bring as well as how to prepare. This will be provided with your booking confirmation. In the meantime we do recommend you bring a range of items that you are comfortable in and that fit you well, it can come across in the photos if people feel uncomfortable due to clothing.
In the studio, we have a selection of accessories including  jewellery and gloves.

Your privacy...

Images are NEVER shared anywhere without the client's permission. Each image I share online has been approved by the women in the photos. Many of my clients desire complete privacy. I understand, and I will keep your images 100% confidential.
I will also be the only person present during your shoot. It’s important to me that we can work one-on-one to create a relaxing atmosphere where you’ll feel comfortable and free to just have fun.
I’m always grateful to clients who allow me to share some of their images. So much about choosing a boudoir photographer is based on seeing that photographer’s work, and I greatly appreciate it when clients allow me to do this - which is why I do ask for permission to share images from time to time. IF you are open to letting me share some of your images, you have final say in exactly which images are shared – If any.
There’s NO requirement to share images in order to book a session.

​The average Gisela Carlucci Photography client invests between $600 -1500 on their dream boudoir experience.

Phone: 757-774-2043

Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that's when you're most beautiful. 

Zoe Kravitz 

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