Gisela Carlucci| Photography

Customer Testimonials

  1. Doing a boudoir shoot is something completely outside of my comfort zone. You know you can wear your bathing suit but lingerie is different. With her, she made me feel just myself. We were laughing and jamming out to Christina Aguilera. I had so much fun and can't wait to see the photographs.
    Eileen S.
  2. This young woman is wonderful! She made me feel right at home! I was very pleased with my photos, so was my husband!! I would recommend her to anyone who wants personal, at ease photographs!!
    Margaret E.
  3. She is very professional, has an attention to detail/creative eye like I have never experienced with other photographers, and she has a very warm personality which makes sessions with her easy to get even the most shy of people to smile for the camera!
    Amy E.
  4. I have never done a professional photo shoot. It was an awesome experience! I was a little nervous before the shoot but she was so encouraging and happily involved in the shoot that I totally forgot about my nervousness. She is so quick and creative. I loved her ideas and postures she suggested me for the shoot.
    Monika A.
  5. She knows her job very well. She captured my personality which I didn't know was hidden in me. I don't think I have ever been so camera friendly before this . The amazing expressions she captured were unbelievable. For sure I will go to her only for my next shoot. Keep up the good work Gisela!
    Monika A.
  6. Gisela is good at what she does! She is relaxing, helpful and made it playful and fun. Never had these types of photos made and she made me feel like a pro. Her studio is personal and very inviting.
  7. Gisela was excellent to work with. She worked hard to understand what I wanted and made suggestions on what she could do to help make that happen. She was flexible and at all times interested in making me happy. She had a great attitude and made the photo shoot fun. I would recommend her to others.
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    Jennifer Fields
  9. Gisela made our maternity photos a memorable experience working with scheduling, weather, our young children, and a vision I had in mind. She captured the essence of growing life and family wonderfully. Additionally, her turnaround on pictures is so fast! A true professional.
    Katherine F.
  10. I had a great experience with Gisela! She was fun and personable and did a great job at making me comfortable taking the pictures. On top of that she went above and beyond on the number of pictures she took and how many places she took them. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer.
    McKenzie W.